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Maria Olar

Processing Specialist

I grew up in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, also known as “The Pearl of the Orient.” I love my hometown, as the bustling, historic city is full of things to see, like centuries-old churches and mansions, ancient forts, and modern museums.

Regarding my career, I have spent 15 years handling billing and all product-related concerns that my clients may have had. Now I’ve found my new career in the insurance industry, which was an instant love for me. Working at Insurance One Group has come naturally to me with all the knowledge I have acquired from my past experience, and I can honestly say I was born to be working in insurance!

There is nothing more rewarding than the satisfaction I get from helping all my clients with their insurance needs. I will always do my absolute best for my clients, and I will always keep learning, as life is a never-ending educational tour!

Outside the office, I love spending my free time and weekends with my kids. I watch movies or play games with them, and I love cooking for them. Sometimes, we even go out and explore places with them too!

I am also a gamer, but I specifically like MMORPGs, both mobile and on the computer. I love the challenges these games present, especially when playing with and against other people. They are goal-oriented, and you have to work to synergize with a team- it drives me to always be on top, on point, and even exceed my own expectations!

Volunteering at my local animal shelter is also very dear to me. We feed stray animals and make them feel like they are still loved in this world. It always warms my heart when we can find a nice fur family to adopt these cute little animals and love them forever.